GL-AR300M-Ext using WAN as LAN?

Is it possible to use the WAN port as if it were a LAN port?
(I haven't bought it yet)

I need to connect two devices and I would like to avoid having to put a switch in the middle.
Communication speed is not important and may even be minimal.
The GL-AR300M-Ext would connect the WiFi to a DSL router to an LTE / USB doodle


I don't see it in the list of supported devices.
Regardless, you can either bridge the ports if they are in different CPU port, or reconfigure the internal VLANs so they can be in the same network.

Might be that -Ext just means "External antenna"


GL-AR300M series1, yes, they have two Ethernet ports that can be used as you need.

1 The exception being the now-unavailable GL-AR300M-Lite, which only has one Ethernet port populated on the board.

Great :+1:

Thanks to all

i have it the same way, just go in lan configuration, bridge eth0 and eth1 and (wlan0 your ap network name), delete wan and wan6 interfaces from interface! done
your wwan should be on the wan zone firewall.