GL-AR300M dataentry + devicepage update

Thanks for updating the dataentry, however...

  1. Target ar71xx-ath79 was correct. Please change back to ar71xx-ath79
  2. GL-AR300M does not have any detachable antennas. Detachable antennas are only present at the "Ext" variant.
  3. "Firmware OpenWrt snapshot Install URL" is incomplete. Please provide the complete download links.

EDIT: Split off from the original topic since we were drifting off-topic.

But for 19.07.x it is not available in ath79. It is both in snapshot. Showing ar71xx-ath79 is a bit confusing for the uninitiated, but just as confusing the way I have changed it to. It is probably going to be confusing until the next major release :smiley:

That is true, but most seem to be the ext variant. Is there a separate listing? Maybe this should be in the comment at the end.

It says in the editor page that if there is more than one firmware, then just link to the folder. In this case there are two firmwares to choose, both under nand, one is booting from nand, the other is booting form nor with nand support.

Updated again :wink:

Good point! :slight_smile:
I have removed this comment now in the dataentry template (still present in all dataentries, will be removed with the next major update), since this datafield is capable of carrying more than one link since quite a while.

This should then be explained in detail on the GL-AR300M devicepage (which could really need some love since it contains barely more than the basic devicepage skeleton.

Indeed, it's not good. I'll see if I can do something with it over the next few days.