GL-ar150 flash memory upgrade

Has anybody upgraded their Flash memory in a GL-AR150?

I have bought a MX25L25645 32mb flash chip to replace the 16mb chip in the router. Rather than compiling the source myself, I’m wondering if a binary image already exists that makes use of the full 32mb.

I think you can visit some TP-Link router OWrt forum threads, where some people replaced the 4MB flash to 16MB and even 32MB. For TP-Link router, there are methods that discuss changing the OWrt image generator router profile to the modified hardware.

which hw/sw can write to that ic? ch341a tried?

32 MB chips have a different addressing scheme, an extra address byte is sent over the SPI (since 3 bytes = 24 bits and 2 ^ 24 = 16M). The bootloader and also the pre-boot ROM (the code that boots the bootloader) in the SoC need to be aware to handle chips larger than 16 MB.