Giving hardware


We are giving hardware:

  • 18 units of zbt-we3326 ( based on mt7628)
  • 1 unit of zbt-we2026 (based on mt7620).

More may be coming.

If you are interested contact me. If you know another place to announce this, please tell me.


Hi were will you post to? I could use a zbt-we3326 for testing I would use it as a AP

Please count me in also for one zit-we3326. Thanks!

how to get one?


@tapper @tdelco @longwangwl

Hi we are based in France, We may require you to pay for expedition fees depending on where you are.
Please send me an MP with details about your location and what router you would like.

Thanks pparent76.

It is too far away. Please count me out.

also too far. thanks!