Git questions for "upgrading" from 21.02.1 to 21.02.2

Continuing the discussion from Support for new Archer c5 v4:

I am following this post to compile OpenWrt for my TP-Link Archer C5 V4.

It is working fine when start from fresh.

As a fresh compile takes much longer time, so I would like to know:
(I want to reduce compile time as my PC is slow - AMD A10)

  1. I have a local git folder that compiled 21.02.1 (with custom patch applied), now 21.02.2 released, what is the correct procedure to "pull 21.02.2" to my existing patched "21.02.1" local folder?

  2. I want to have some modules, like macvlan, that will be ready to be used once the sysupgrade image is uploaded to the C5 V4. What is the correct options to be used in "make menuconfig" ?

Thank you very much!

I only run master branch, but it should apply to a 21.02 branch.
Assuming upstream is the

git fetch upstream
git rebase upstream/21.02

This will put any local commits at the tip of the branch locally. You'll still want to make clean before compiling, but anything that doesn't have to be rebuilt won't be.

Alternatively you could git pull upstream/21.02 after the fetch to merge everything into a single commit. I prefer rebase so I can still search the commit logs.

Thank you for the hints.

After that two git commands, do I need to re-apply the local 4327.patch by git apply ../4327.patch ?

If you've already run git patch, then the patch is already in your local repo (check via git log for the commit). If it is there, it'll be moved to the top after the git rebase


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