Gigabit switch ( 8..24 ports)

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Are you aware of any gigabit switch supported by Lede ?

I mean a device without wireless, with 8 to 24 gigabit ethernet ports, with support for VLAN trunking. SNMP to read per-port statistics would be an added value.

Layer 3 capabilities (i.e. routing) can be a plus, but what I'm looking for here is really a base layer 2 device with management capabilities.

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Devices with 9 ports in the ToH:[0]=ethernet%20gbit%20ports_%3D9

None of them is supported.

Maybe you should go to a Networking Appliance like these ones:
for the price - specs - features relation it is very convenient and you had powerful x86 processor, lots of ram too.

I'd go with a Cisco SG300-series switch. With L2 or L3 switching, VLANs, trunking, DHCP relay, SNMP management, and a lot more, you get the whole deal at what I consider a very affordable price. The 10-port versions are selling in good condition on eBay for ~$75 US, the 28-port versions for ~$100-150.

Both are passively cooled, so there is no fan noise. My notes are that while running with my home load, the SG300-10 consumes ~7 W and the SG300-28 consumes ~10 W.

I'm not sure from your description what you're looking for that LEDE provides on top of the switch. You can always run anything that is fast enough for your LEDE needs, then use the SG300 to fan out the physical connections.

It supports LEDE?

No, it doesn't run LEDE. Run your firewall, WiFi AP and other services on whatever you want with whatever OS best meets your needs. Plug it/them into the Cisco to get the fan-out you need.

Yes, perfect!!, I asked just because I think him asked for a Managed Switch able to run LEDE.