Getting slow speed

Hey Everyone

I have a tp link ax23 router with openwrt installed

And i have a broadband connection of 1gbps

When i plug-in the cable directly into my computer from the onu it gets around 900-950 mbps speed.

But when i plug-in it into the router it gets around 200 mbps speed on phone.

I thought it was a problem with my phone so i installed speedtest-cli inside the router.

After logging in to router i tested my speed multiple gets around 400-450 mbps.

I don't know why i'm not getting enough speed because the router supports upto 1800 mbps

If its a problem with my phone it should gets 800-900mbps when i test inside the router.

Any solutions?

Did you enabled NAT Offload in Firewall section? Enable this two options:
software flow offloading
hardware flow offloading

Reboot and try again.