Getting CUPS to work


I recently compiled a snapshot version and used the following repository to compile the CUPS driver into the firmware itself. However, I just can't get it to work even though I didn't get any errors.

root@OpenWrt:/# opkg list | grep cups
apcupsd - 3.14.14-3 - UPS control software
apcupsd-cgi - 3.14.14-3 - UPS control software CGI module
collectd-mod-apcups - 5.12.0-9 - apcups status input plugin
libcups - 2.1.4-1
libcupscgi - 2.1.4-1
libcupsimage - 2.1.4-1
libcupsmime - 2.1.4-1
libcupsppdc - 2.1.4-1
nut-driver-apcupsd-ups - 2.7.4-22 - Driver for apcupsd client access
nut-driver-genericups - 2.7.4-22 - Driver for contact-closure UPS equipment
root@OpenWrt:/# opkg info libcups
Package: libcups
Version: 2.1.4-1
Depends: libc, zlib, libpthread, libpng, libjpeg
Status: install user installed
Architecture: arm_cortex-a7_neon-vfpv4
Installed-Time: 1620944351
root@OpenWrt:/# ls /etc/init.d
avahi-daemon  done          log           sysctl        uhttpd
boot          dropbear      network       sysfixtime    umount
cron          firewall      odhcpd        sysntpd       urandom_seed
dbus          gpio_switch   rpcd          system        urngd
dnsmasq       led           samba4        ucitrack

find: *cups*: No such file or directory

It shows it's installed, but not available as a service. Any thoughts on this?

Missing from the list:

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Thank you for the tip, rebuilt firmware, now working great.

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