Get Specific DHCP IP from each LAN Port, any suggestions?

I am new to openWrt and have some problems with openWrt, any suggestions will be welcome.

For port forwarding reason, i try to make device (e.g. IP Camera) to get specific DHCP ip from each LAN port, for example,

Port 1 LAN -> Get IP = from DHCP
Port 2 LAN -> Get IP = from DHCP
Port 3 LAN -> Get IP = from DHCP
Port 4 LAN -> Get IP = from DHCP

wireless LAN -> Get any IP between and

should i just use configuring or try to modify and build my own OpenWrt firmware ?

Add static IP leases based on the device's MAC, to the DHCP.

screen shot's from 19.07.


Bring them up one at a time after setting your DHCP range.

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