Geo Ip Map Log

I just release a pre-alpha version of a luci application "gim", that log traffic across the router, and displays it with leaflet map library.

Any contributions are welcome !!!


Do we need 512mb free on the router?

Is there a way to set this to use a usb storage?

Never mind I found it

Lol I do need some help when I select the file it just sits there and does nothing,

Is there anything I need to edit in the files? Iā€™m running it off a router with 250mb space

@garlet can you help me understand the point of including /etc/init.d/led in your luci package?

Also, I'm not sure I follow your nft manipulation logic, but you may be better off placing static nft files into /usr/share/nftables.d/.

It takes a while before showing on DOM, it does a binary search on the csv from disk file(~521 MB), I tried to load it on ram before, but javascript variables consumes a lot of space. But maybe its broke for you browser, did not test in other places.

Does not need much resources on the router, the ash script only ocupies memory every minute. Here its using ~200 KB of logs daily.

Did not made Luci tab for configuring the flash/usb/emmc location, but its on the start of /root/ and /usr/share/ucode/luci/controller/gim.uc

led upload by mistake, its a version that allows turn off the leds, but I did not understod how to pull request.

The nft manipulation has two loops:
The first converts from "nft source dest set" to: Local_IP, External_IP, (up or down direction), packtes, bytes;
Sort in the middle;
The second joins up and down lines, with the same local and external ips

About the nft rules, that was the first method that worked for me, I was not able to reset the counters and the expiration times