Generic version for AR9331

I have a device that is not covered in the openwrt supported list. I asked about it in the forums but no one knows anything about it.

I have one in front of me and the only open port is 80 which gives an option to upgrade the firmware.
No telnet, no ssh and no options to enable those services from the GUI.

The only thing I know about the device is this. Chipset: AR9331, 4Mb/16Mb.

My question... since I've no idea what to expect and don't have the knowledge to get into building a version for this, what version could I use to upgrade the device which might actually have a chance to work?

I also realize the 4/16 is the bare minimum so to test, I would remove almost all packages first.

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4/16 is not the bare minimum, it's below the bare minimum (to an extent that makes it unusable);

Besides that, there are no generic images for embedded hardware like this, you need to do the hard work of porting it (but it doesn't make any sense at all to spend time on a device with 16 MB RAM).

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Thanks for the input. I don't need anything but the barest. It is used only to poll some data from a USB device, nothing else so 4/16 works just fine for me. The problem is I have no idea which package might work. I'm willing to take a chance and don't have the knowledge to port as you suggest.

I did find this.

There is no meaningful "chance" involved here, it's more of a shot in the dark with a blindfold and earmuffs on.

Since you seem to be flailing over wildly under-spec-ed devices, perhaps selecting something that is supported in the inexpensive price class might be a better plan. GL.iNet makes some inexpensive devices at US$20 or less that ship with full OpenWrt support (based on 18.06.1 at last check). While I don't have any experience with it, the is under US$20, replacing the AR300M-Lite in their line-up.

Assuming you need wireless connectivity, something like an ESP32 board might serve as well, at a slightly lower price. If you don't know C, one of the variants that supports Python might be another option.


I don't need wireless, don't need anything on the os and already use tp-link, gl.inet and others. I just have this device on my desk and cannot do anything with it so wondered if there was a 'chance' I could convert it to openwrt :slight_smile:

It's not coincidence really since I'm trying to find some cheap devices for very basic use so was looking at some of the things I own and bought the $8.00 device I'm playing with now just to check it out.

I guess some people just don't understand...I hope you the best in porting OpenWrt to your under-spec device.

(BTW, moved to the For Developers section.)


Maybe you should also read before posting such things. I explained that I am just playing around, the device has no value to me even if I brick it, it's dirt cheap. I do understand that what I'd like to do is not the way to do it but I don't have the skills to jump into reverse engineering this thing, I just wondered if there was a one shot try I could do.

I'm not porting anything, I don't have the knowledge. I simply asked if this could be done and answered the questions asked as I was being given the answer of no.

Thanks for your input.

I did read...are you asking me to move the thread back or something?

Yes, but since you aren't able, I guess no. Sorry that wasn't clear. Not sure what a "one shot try is." That may be a misunderstanding about the existence of a generic image.


It was clear but since I have nothing to lose, I wondered if there might be some 'generic' version that 'could' work. It wasn't a misunderstanding, it was a long shot question.

No idea why you are giving me grief about this, you have zero reason to be rude.

I do have one idea...!

You may be able to boot a kernel and root from a compatible target...but not sure any AR images exist in that manner.

Not being rude or giving grief, chill out my friend.

There, that's exactly what I was wondering about but since I have no knowledge and am new to openwrt, thought I might ask for such thoughts. One never knows and in my case, I don't care if I brick the device but it would be fun if it could actually be converted with the little info I have about it.

Thank you for thinking about it.

Give me a break please. Either asnwer because you care to help or don't bother suggesting that the poster is not intelligent enough to read and understand which IS rude. No one is making you respond.

Are you willing to try or not...because I got no clue about your conversational concerns now. Pushing people away that's helping ain't a "good look."

There is a squashfs.bin here..but not sure it will work upon booting...but I didn't look through the ar71xx folder thoroughly.

This process won't brick a device, so not sure why you keep mentioning it anyways (maybe that's why you're upset and think I'm giving you grief).

Hope this helps.

Please, do not bother to try putting this on me. You were rude, accept it and move on.

I appreciate the help if you are willing to give it and am willing to try a good suggestion. This could help someone else some help, who knows.

'not sure why you keep mentioning it'.

I'm not sure how many times I have to tell you that I know very little about openwrt, just learning as I go. I tried things on my own, was not able to get anywhere so decided to post. I'm not interested in childish arguments or being insulted by someone who does have more knowledge about openwrt than I do. All you are doing is scaring others away from this project when they find this post.

Please, move on. Happy to try your suggestion if you'd like me to.

Lol...I dont care about your personal opinion of my quick typings...they don't work on a computer, I care you have knowledge about your inquiry. I feel 0 guilt.

I just did... now do you now need to know HOW to boot it or something?

What I said is related to embedded devices in general, you need this basic knowledge to proceed.

So again...I don't need the advice, I'm helping you. What do you need fruther to make your reality real?

The reality is, it's too bad there are people like you in it.
And please, don't follow me around the site now like a little fly trying to ruin all of my posts. I definitely do not care for your kind of help.

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You may be interested in gigastone tr1 which has much consistency with this topic.