Generating OpenWrt iso


I am new to OpenWrt.
I would to like to use OpenWrt as one of the booting option on my Linux PC.
I have Ubuntu 16 and Ubuntu 14 options in grub.

Can i have OpenWrt as another option, if so how to create an iso image or any standard builds are available?
Please help me in this regard.

I saw option to have OpenWrt in VM instance.


For x86(_64), OpenWrt generates disk images, similar to the situation for other targets, ISOs are currently not provided (and would require quite some changes). It's not really meant to multi-boot either, as this doesn't really make sense for a typical router (which usually runs 24/7), but this would be easier to get working manually.

If you're interested in working on these features, patches would probably be welcome (ISO images might be beyond the scope though, as these are readonly and can't hold state, so they'd need some installer facilities, which would impose a lot of structural changes for no gain).

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