General GPIO handling today

I have a general question about how GPIO abstraction is used in openWRT nowadays.
The research i did shows that there is a deprecated way to talk to GPIO that is in the documentation of openWRT and i assume that this is outdated as i read in sysfs is deprecated.
Can somebody from the core dev Team take a look at the doc's and explain me how to use GPIO in recent openWRT 18.06 or 19.07? Maybe i can update the doc's after i understand what techniques are the right one to use nowaday.

The sysfs API is still available

Will sysfs API still be available in next release (kernel 5.4)?

There's also gpiodtools / libgpiod supposedly a replacement for sysfs.
I've tinkered with it on nanopi, it works for me.
Depends on your use case, it might be worth a look.

Do I have to feer that sysfs is not working on 5.4?

According to this:
It will still be supported just not getting new features.

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