[GCC 7.2 BUILD] Optimized TP-Link Archer C7 V2 AC1750 LEDE Firmware

If you have read my first post in my ath79 build thread you know what you have to do...

For first time flashing from ar71xx you have to use the force option -F.

Handling for sysupgrade has changed and the name of your device does also not mach between ar71xx and ath79.

Did you try the web interface?

On web interface you have no force option, so impossible to flash from luci.

Thanks, I missed that one. Also changed the device paths for the wifi radios and everything works fine now.

Another way to do it is using the breed boot loader flashing option.

I have been using this build since it really can route fast, but for some reason it kills my cable modem. Both the good old cisco epc 3208 as well as the annoyingly bad Puma-6 using Compal CH7465LG. They simply die in a very strange way - their web management pages still work, but they refuse to route any new traffic. Ping outside is not working. Restarting the router does not help, but restarting the modem resolves the issue instantly. My ISP spoke with me during the issue and they confirmed even they are unable to connect to the modem when the issue happens. I actually once managed to trigger the issue by simply rebooting the router remotely.

My theory is that somehow it sends some weird packet towards the modem; a packet the modem doesn't know how to handle in such a catastrophical way that it fails and stops working until rebooted. Must be some bug in the modem firmware for sure too because it should never fail this way, but still...

This has never happened before I used this build and also doesn't happen if I connect my PC directly to the modem, so it's definitely something to do with the firmware. I've now switched to Ath79 builds with all kmod packages through opkg [flow offloading] (because I need fast path OR offloading as my internet speeds are 300+ Mbit and sometimes the router is just not fast enough @ stock openwrt). So.. any ideas what this might be? It'm positive it's the firmware because it definitely is caused by the router and it only happens when I am using your build. I couldn't find any info on it anywhere else.

Are you spanish and is you ISP Vodafone?

I have been noticing that with the new DNS package it's ignoring about half of the statically defined ip's I've setup in luci ... is there a new way to set my static ip definitions in luci?

Thanks for your time,

what does your lease file look like?

This sometime occurs when the ISP rotates DHCP servers, and a unicast DHCP renew does not reach the original DHCP server. The fix is to always send multicast DHCP requests, and that is controlled by the 'use broadcast flag' setting under Network->Interfaces->WAN->Advanced Settings.

Does it have something to do with the modems kernel version?


Any new build w 18.6.x opendrt?


Please, make a new build based on 18.6.1 version. Thank you!

Hi! I compiled an image for myself 1 week ago from master branch using @shunjou's repo (ath79 for Archer C7 v2), and this morning the PPPoE client couldn't connect back, I have to manually push the connect button. I've never had this problem ever, using OpenWRT/Lede in the last 5 years.
And I saw a script for this in his repo: is this a known problem? If so, does it only affect the ath79 builds or the entire 18.06.x releases?

Running into an issue using the nightly build where I am unable to access router via SSH, downgrading to the latest stable release for this build as of 5-31-18 fixes the issue and i am able to connect again. All other features seem to work, and i can ping and browse the web without issue. Ideas? As a note, not sure if this is the case with normal LEDE builds.as I have not tried.

Same here with today's nightly. Probably related to https://github.com/openwrt/openwrt/commit/2211ee0037764e1c6b1576fe7a0975722cd4acdc .. Nothing useful in syslog.

Run in to another issue trying out @shunjou fork of this build. Once you have switched to this build what would be the downgrade path , to stock or other firmware, as the GUI will not allow the downgrade and firmware flash fails trying to even go back to @root builds. Currently stuck.

Do it tftp, there’s a video on youtube

Hey guys,

I am wondering if any build is available based on OpenWRT snopshot (after LEDE merge) for Archer c7 v4 (ar71xx) with fast path firmware enabled?

I also asked in a topic where a very nice firmware is being developed. Just wanted to add my comments here as well.

Looks like no image is available for v4. Only for v2 ath79 based builds.

Please mind that this topic is regarding a specific community build for C7 v2, not snapshot build for C7 v4. Please keep it this way and open new topics for anything that is not related to this specific community build for C7 v2.

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