Gargoyle 1.10.0 is live

More details here

I'm a relatively new user and I would like to know (in simple terms if possible) what "porting Gargoyle to the latest version of LEDE" means and how LEDE users are going to benefit from this.

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it's great

Gargoyle is a derivative / enhancement of OpenWrt, and it looks like they are moving to become a derivative / enhancement of LEDE; that makes perfect sense, as LEDE is an updated version of OpenWrt. So, Gargoyle users will benefit from an updated base, and LEDE users will probably not benefit at all.


LEDE users don't really benefit, it's Gargoyle users that benefit.

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TBH I was hoping to give Active Congestion Control a try. My router is not supported by Gargoyle.
I wish LEDE could implement this feature.

I wouldn´t say that! The Gargoyle Project offers an easy way to enable Beginners to Setup their Router regarding their Needs (for example: creating a (working!) wireless Bridge, Setup | Block Wireless for Children / Guests, etc.)

It´s easy to switch between Gargoyle, OpenWRT and LEDE by a simple Sysupgrade (without keeping the settings!)

In my opinion it´s just a GUI like LUCI with some usefull helpers :wink:


Active Congestion Control | I was asking my self many times how to modify QoS Settings OTF (because Speed varies).

An QoS enhancement idea from @oviano can be found in the Gargoyle Forum

The script should work with light modifications on any LEDE supported Router with QoS Package installed / enabled

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