Gaming SQM - New to Open Wrt

I am needing a little help from some experienced people. I am playing COD MW and COD Warzone. I have the Netgear XR500 and a Netgear Nighthawk Modem (newest). I am currently running the Duma Os Beta firmware. I bought this modem because i was having tremendous "shoot first die first syndrome". Also I felt like people were seeing me at least 3/4 of a second before i could see them. Im playing on PS4. I am hard wired into router and i have tried multiple LAN cables. I have pretty much went through the list of hardware and eliminated that as the problem. I have taught myself a great deal about how all this works on the WAN. I know enough to be dangerous to myself. I have read several thing saying the XR500 QOS wasnt as good as they say it is. Also the geo filter has issues with it as well. Sometimes i feel like when i disable the qos my gameplay is better for about an hour then goes right back to the way it was. I purchased a couple of other routers like the ASUS AC5300 and a TPLink (i don't remember which one but it was around 300) . I used them both about a week and returned them as the problem wasnt any better. Now i have been readin about OpenWRT and "CAKE" sqm. I was wanting to know if someone could recommmend a 100-150$ router that would be the best to put openwrt on and do you think that it may help my problem some. At this point some help would be a huge relief. There is only 2 ISP at my address and one is ATT DSL 5mb down and 1 up and my current ISP Mediacom Cable 100 down and 60 up. I have done all the port forwarding and even prioritized port 3074 and 30000-45000 UDP (which is where the priority light come on so i assume all t6he packets are going through those as no other ports are moving prioritized packets). I would be forever in your debt for some advice. Thanks

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support will hopefully get accepted soon... the XR should be plenty but you need to choke the cable to worst case scenario... ( post some dsl reports tests here during peak periods from a PC with QoS off and NO traffic on the network )

if you are still not happy check the 'ultimate layer cake qos' thread...

Ok I will give that a try tonight . THanks for the input.

also could you elaborate on " choke the cable to worst case scenario"

when you drive somewhere you need to be... do you estimate based on best travel time?

OK i thought u might be referring to throttling the connection on the XR

As someone who has used openwrt and dumaos I can say the duma performs better with COD MW, for my connection at least.

If you get a router running openwrt, i'd imagine the most you could do is run custom firewall script marking packets for prioritisation but you have to understand what you're doing and even then, it's probably the same thing the duma is doing when you add specific port ranges or devices to prioritise traffic on except it's easier to configure through the duma interface..

Sorry I can't really help, just wanted to post and subscribe cause I'm interested in this too, it was the reason why I got a router with openwrt but yeah, running cake hasn't done anything to improve my gaming experience.

Mmmh, if all that is needed is marking incoming packets by port range, than this should well be possible to do with tc. Personally I do not think that dscp marking by source or destination port is all that robust (except for the low ports < ~1000 every application can use any port). Then again often it is the only obvious choice available. (I have much les concerns about combined IP address port number pairs as false positive markings will be considerably less likely, but I digress)