Fwknop give error

i got error with fwknop first whin i run fwknopd --dump-serv-err-codes

err code: 4096, err string: 'Data is not a valid SPA message format'
err code: 4097, err string: 'Not enough data to be a valid SPA message'
err code: 4098, err string: 'Data is not an SPA message'
err code: 4099, err string: 'SPA via HTTP request, but ENABLE_SPA_OVER_HTTP is not set'
err code: 4100, err string: 'Error creating FKO context for incoming data.'
err code: 4101, err string: 'Unable to retrieve digest from the SPA data.'
err code: 4102, err string: 'Error trying to access the digest.cache file'
err code: 4103, err string: 'Detected SPA message replay'
err code: 4104, err string: 'SPA message timestamp is outside the allowable window'
err code: 4105, err string: 'SPA message did not pass access checks'
err code: 4106, err string: 'An error occurred while executing an SPA command message'
err code: 4107, err string: 'Unsupported SPA message operation'
err code: 4108, err string: 'Undefined/unknown fwknopd Error'
err code: 4109, err string: 'General SPA message processing error'
err code: 8192, err string: 'An error occurred while tring to add a firewall rule'
err code: 8193, err string: 'An error occurred while tring to delete a firewall rule'
err code: 8194, err string: 'Unknown/unclassified firewall rule processing error'

Initialize access stanzas
[*] KEY_BASE64 value is not properly set in stanza source 'ANY' in access file: '/etc/fwknop/access.conf'

I am using luci-app-fwknopd and just using configuration from here https://openwrt.org/docs/guide-user/services/fwknop

Is there a certain way to use it?