Future of router OS

In order to develop the Router Operating Systems, I offer to the next.

  1. Systematization of packages not by name in alphabetic order but by categories and subcategories (possibly same package could have several categories).

  2. Package manager shall care about dependencies (possibly with several options).

  3. For each package except brief description, it have to be on-line down loadable more detailed description possibly with pictures and even references on web-site of corresponding project.

  4. Make stacking of IPs for with replacements of another address if routers are connected in stack, with local DNS names for machines to giving correct IP. If for example I have four routers and I my computer is connected to the only one of them. And they are all routed at least someway from my computer with their seen from each other. Let to be seen by nearest only when the next to have IP replaced as and yet another as May be not statically, even possibly IPs replacement to be distributed each time in new way, just local DNS to give correct IP for each of them by machine naming.
    In that way I could access appropriate service of respectively each by machine naming.
    No need to replace 10...* addresses.

  5. Develop the multi-wan or another application with appropriate functionality resolving to connect virtual and actual interfaces and bridges
    just like scheme, on graph of connections, without a need for individual tuning of each service concerning such scheme. Everything as NAT, DNS, internal bridges, and other possible settings to be set up automatically. (Just like it is made at music modal synthesizers.)

As for example I may point
all the cromole.example.org to OpenVPN_A when OpenVPN_A is connected to the point A which may connect to the point with WAN1, WAN2, and 3g modem averagely and modem when occasionally none of WAN1 WAN2 are not available, when all the TCP port 80 http://*.example.net and all the *.onion sites to tor with upper to the same point, when lower to as for example to LAN1 and yet another VPN which have to be established to another router.

  1. Develop web-interface for terminal, possibly the only with terminal not connected to web interface session, and to be the only for all the sessions and the same for all the sessions (typically it is the only LuCI session).

  2. Develop the file manager with text editor similar to the one used in Cpanel.

Have you seen ttyd already in OpenWrt?


  • Built on top of Libwebsockets with C for speed
  • Fully-featured terminal based on Xterm.js with CJK ( Chinese, Japanese, Korean ) and IME support
  • Graphical ZMODEM integration with lrzsz support
  • SSL support based on OpenSSL
  • Run any custom command with options
  • Basic authentication support and many other custom options
  • Cross platform: macOS, Linux, FreeBSD, OpenWrt/LEDE, Windows


Strictly saying I did not find find it.
I just installed but not yet tried, It's not written as it is a part of LuCI, and I I understand not integrated with other GUI environment.

Are you offering to develop all of these? If not, what are you actually offering?


Yes, I actually offer to gather forces to perhaps crew some team and to implement it all together. Just it a picture example from ALSA Modular Synthesizer (ams) from Ubuntu. (I just moved some units, on picture.) Nearly the same written on CSound, the most advanced modular synthesiser, would be looking too ugly. Why the components of router with all the systems and subsystems must be looking as hellish lists of configuration options not a picture of connections may not be looking as the scheme of connections?

My two cents: unless you take the lead, this is not going to happen, you cannot just gather forces and tell others what to do, you need to start working on those ideas yourself.


Actually It's not the first time when I do this trick.
When I need some improvement, I publish manifesto. And after some while
As for example basic ideas of Wayland interface I invented in early 2000th, I published some basic ideas and after briefed them and published.
It nearly always comes then somebody says he or she invented that, and implements, that.
Actually, one of the Security Service of Ukraine chief anticipated any of my works, along decades. And they did all possible to make troubles for me. And he died with symptoms very resembling poisoning with innovative chemical which I described to him, and on supercomputer for which I worked as adviser. (Not shadow part of the project took two Nobel prices, when he got ill.) It very much demoralized them for a while. It seams they return to their usual practice.
That's why I may not work on all of that in my list.

Ok, I see you have everything under control; my best wishes for your endeavour!


Shell I understand it as sarcasm. But I do not have everything.
It's not about me, but about it would be really better to install variety of Router features connecting them as units.

I think Homenet Control Protocol (HNCP) should allow what you called "stacking of IP addresses", but I don't use it myself since I want more control over my IP address space. Though I use babeld to distribute routes between my routers, which is also used in Homenet. And I would like to see a better integration of babeld in OpenWrt, currently netifd isn't aware of the dynamic routes which can cause it to insert odd host routes when using tunneling protocols such as gre and wireguard.