Full support GL-MV1000W (WiFi)

Hello, can’t find info on the forum. WiFi work on this GL-MV1000W device or is planed in future?

What makes you believe that the GL-MV1000W would be supported, I only see images for the no-wireless GL-MV1000.

I’m know version without WiFi is supported. I’m need info about version with WiFi

I believe support for GL-Inet products in mainline OpenWrt is added by the GL-Inet developers, with that in mind, you'll be better off asking this question on GL-Inet forum.

Most of all it's unclear what wireless hardware they've added. 2.4-GHz-only/ 802.11n opens the door to quite some speculation (USB, SDIO?).

Seems to be some Realtek crap...

I’m buy one, tell me how can I’m check which WiFi hardware is installed

I'm guessing it will be one of the following: 8811au,8812au,8821cu,8192eu

ssh into your unit and type dmesg in the command line, then post the output here.

Brume GL-MV1000W use a realtek WiFi chip rtl8192eu

So, this hardware good for OpenWrt?
In future we will see firmware for Brume-W?

Github have many developers who made linux driver for rtl8192eu

Realtek wifi, and USB in particular, is not good news, far from it. Better save yourself the extra expense and go with the wired-only variant (or something else altogether).

It's possible to run rtl8192eu on the OpenWrt? How to do that?

The mainline driver is rtl8xxxu, don't expect wonders, don't expect the driver authors to have bothered about AP mode (the driver is… fragile enough as it is). If wireless matters to you, you really don't want Realtek USB wireless.

From the forum Gl-iNet one developer is give me the link and asks for help

Maybe someone can help to submit to openwrt?

Developers anybody can help with this?