FTP about drop pkg luci-app-vsftpd

I try to setup ftp according to docs .

I notice when i setup transmission there is web GUI like luci-app-transmission. And I see something else called luci-app-vsftpd. But it can not be searched in package table.

I find luci-app-vsftpd source at github and it has not been update since 2016. So the pkg is drop is because it's not work? is there something else to replace luci-app-vsftpd?

I search in forum and got on this [ Mt76 driver - replacement [for test] For Developers](Mt76 driver - replacement [for test] - #160 by bahtsiz_bedevi). quick look and it does not help

Apparently it was dropped due to not being maintained and there is nothing else to replace it.
Did you try to edit the configuration file according to the instructions?
Is there something that it is not working?

vsftpd working. it takes long time to read and setup via command way. no body maintained. alright, I will take it

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