FS#284 - WRT1900acs, wifi stops workign under havy load

I opened this BUG on LEDE bugtracker:


Using git bisect I found out that the revision breaking the WIFI on the WRT1900ACS is:

fstools: update to latest git HEAD
adds f2fs support

Anyone who experienced the same issue ?
It looks like that I can put the WIFI down only when reading from the attached HDD USB 3.0
Except the errors reported from the Kernel for the wifi, I can't see anything for the USB.

Anyone know which would have been the change in fstool to potentially lead to this scenario?

Please don't "cross post", if you've reported a bug you don't need to report it here.

Last week I used iperf to test WRT1900ac v2 5G wifi's long time connection and speed stability, it cost 24000's totaly. Finally, no problems. Here is my way.

  1. Modify /etc/config/wireless, add some parameters in 5G interface.
    option 'wpa_group_rekey' '0'
    option 'wpa_pair_rekey' '0'
    option 'wpa_master_rekey' '0'

  2. Install iperf in router and PC (Linux OS).

  3. input iperf -s in router and iperf -c ip -i 3 -t 24000 in PC.

  4. Wait test over and check result.