From opnsense to OpenWrt

Hi everbody.
Since I changed all my AP's to openwrt, I now want to run my router (APU2C4) with openwrt as well. On this is currently running opnsense. What is the best way to proceed? I would have tried to boot a Linux system from USB, then install openwrt on the internal memory card.
Or is that also possible directly from freebsd while it is running?

Greetings Thomas

That's what I would do as well.

Technically writing the OpenWrt image would be possible from FreeBSD as well, but keep in mind that the running OS does still have plenty of open file handles and might clobber your newly written OpenWrt image. (It's possible, you can try it, just kill as many services as you can before and be prepared that it may fail; for good measure, I'd probably sysupgrade OpenWrt afterwards (to make sure that the installed image is fine)).

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Hi again.
Now i installed this image at a usb stick und boot the apu2 from it.
Now how do i install the image on the internal msata?
I´m connected via serial and LuCi.

more specifically, this part

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