Fritzbox 7520 is basically 7530 but only the 30 got a version

Heise has tested installing 7530 firmware onto the 7520 and that works. Can I possibly install the openwrt the same way or why is there not a 7520 version already?

As usual, the most likely reason is merely availability to motivated developers. In this case adding support for the 7520 should be trivial (different h/w ID, done), but it still needs doing by someone with the hardware on their desk.

Be aware that neither the VDSL modem, nor the FXS ports and DECT are going to be supported.

Yeah it would be very easy.. but I think I could do it like how they do it in the article, right? Connect per FTP change HW ID and install openwrt via the recovery tool?

Chances for that to succeed are good, a proper fix however would be to generate dedicated images for the 7520 (as mentioned, doing that should be trivial - and it obviously would bring it to 7530 levels of support as well, so four 1 GBit/s ethernet ports and USB 3.0).

And the fact the modem is not working isn't because its the 7520, its because the 7530 already isnt that supported, right?

Correct, there currently is no support for the lantiq GRX350 VDSL hardware connected via PCIe, neither in the 7520, nor the 7530. Chances for the VDSL modem to be supported 'one day' are non-zero, DECT and FXS port would be (much) harder.

By installing OpenWrt on the 7520/ 7530, you effectively end up with the functionality of a 4040.

So it needs somebody with enough time and willpower to reverse engineer the GRX350? Well..

There have been efforts to support this VDSL hardware in its native environment, on pure lantiq GRX350/ big endian mips 24Kc devices - while promising, these haven't been successful yet (to my knowledge). The situation for the 7520/ 7530 is a bit more complicated, as it combines a QCA IPQ4019 little endian ARMv7 SOC with the lantiq PSB 80518/ VRX518 modem hardware via PCIe - it might be possible, but it needs work, lots of it (and it may never come).

Thanks for your help! RIP SQM. :smiley: Might wanna get a better router or just a VDSL vectoring modem.

Suggest approach:
Get a modem that supports bridge mode
Get a router that’s already supported for openwrt
Put wan interface on openwrt device into pppoe mode. Done :grin:

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