Fritzbox 4040 or Unifi AP Ac Lite

I've ordered a Unifi AP Ac Lite, after I've read it is supported by openwrt.
After ordering I did quite a bit of reading about ath10k-ct driver that is used for the unifi's wifi chipset
and the RAM-Limitations that could occur with dual ath10k.

I realized the Unifi has also only has 128MB but no IPQ4018 (asus rt-ac58u crashes)
Does the IPQ4018 with dual ath10k in general have far more ram usage than the
Qualcomm Atheros QCA9563 of the unifi, since it is a different chipset ?

The main question is will I hit a hard limit if I go over 32 devices, with crashes etc and all that comes with it?

Basically the question is, should I return the unifi and order a fritzbox 4040 instead since it would cost me about the same price and would probably more future proof because of the ipq4018

As far as I've read both are using ath10k-ct drivers, the fritzbox however has double the ram and a stronger cpu. I would use the fritzbox only as access point not as a router, same as with the unifi.
Does anyone have any experience with a fritzbox 4040, how stable is WIFI with the open source drivers compared to the unifi? (disconnects, slow speed on 2.4ghz or 5ghz etc).
Is 802.11r working with ipq4018?

I own a pair of AC Lites. I have not flashed OpenWrt on them though. They work as dumbAPs and manage them over unifi controller. I am quite satisfied by their performance.

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The RAM is used in the wireless driver, you'll see shortages on low-RAM (which translates to 128 MB devices in case of ath10k/ ath10k-ct) devices on all platforms (ipq40xx, ath79 or ipq806x (but those typically come with 512 MB RAM)), especially with 2 ath10k radios, but even a single radio might already hit the limits.

802.11r is working fine on my ipq4019 device.

For long-term general purpose usage, a device with more RAM (like the Fritz!Box 4040) will be more flexible and future proof.

Thanks for the responses

For long-term general purpose usage, a device with more RAM (like the Fritz!Box 4040) will be more flexible and future proof.

General Purpose Usage..yes definitely (if the device has to manage WAN and everything else)
I still wonder how high the ram utilization is on an 128mb device if its only configured as dumb ap and nothing else.
Sadly there isnt much info to be found on ath10k-ct and low ram besides the asus topic and how serious the problem would be in a typical usage scenario with ~30 clients. Some smartphones 2-3 notebooks, and a bunch of 2.4ghz iot devices.

I found some hints at customizing ath10k-ct via a txt config file to allow for more devices by decreasing vdevs. (I assume this stands for virtual devices!?). I'm not really sure what this setting does.
Maybe this somehow lowers ram usage of the driver to have support for more simultaneous connected devices.

I assume that probably nearly everyone that uses the unifi access points is using them with stock firmware (which has no ui) and the driver that comes with it (that is probably more forgiving with having less ram)

Since the mediatek mt76 wifi drivers seem broken , and dual ath10k-ct has potential of crashing when having 128mb ram only..there seem to be only some ipq40x and ipq806x devices left that would fit the bill for a reliable multi-ap setup with roaming.

Are there other potential devices beside the Fritzbox 4040 that would make a good candidate in about the same price range? Otherwise i would probably settle for the fritzbox then to stay on the safe side.