FritzBox 4040(OpenWRT) behind FritzBox 7590

Hi, I've only recently gotten to grips with OpenWRT.
The installation on a FritzBox 4040 has now succeeded.
Since I do not yet want to use the router productively due to existing knowledge gaps, I have so far connected him behind a FritzBox 7590.
All devices are currently still connected to the 7590.
My question relates to a possible security problem.

There is almost a DMZ between the 7590 and the 4040.
The 7590 works as a full router, not just as a modem.
Routes are set for the 4040 networks.
This a router cascade?

Are there security issues in this test configuration?

I would appreciate some information on this.


How are they connected?

With what?
Almost a DMZ might be an issue, what ever almost means...

I put it differently, is the connection between the 7590 and the 4040 a DMZ from the point of view of the 4040?

The 4040 WAN port is connected to a 7590 LAN port.

Is the WAN IP of the 4040 public ?
if not, there's no real use for a DMZ, from the 4040s point of view.

No, the 4040 gets its IP via DHCP from the 7590.(10.0.0.X)

As described, 2 routes are set in the 7590 to the two networks of the 4040.( WLAN)&( LAN)

The 4040 has stubby installed for
encrypted DNS queries his clients.

As written, it is only a test installation, at the end, the 4040 then should be connected directly to a Draytek modem.

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