Fritzbox 3390 supported?

Sorry if ime sounding noobish but i wondered if i can flash Openwrt to an Fritzbox 3390.
Since the 3370 is supported by the lastest Version and both models have the same DSL-Version, SoC and CPU, this shouldent be an Problem, or? The only Difference i could find out is that the internal Storage on teh 3390 is 128 instead of 512 as on the 3370.


3390 is also mentioned on this page

Yea i have seen that, but i couldent find a Commit containing the Model Name

I'm not sure. You could probably ask @slh.

Typo, that should have been 3370, but the existing support for 7312, 7320, 3370, 7360sl and the open pull requests for 7360v2, 7412 and 7362sl should provide a base to build upon, but it will still require some device specific porting work.

Shall i add an Task in the Issue Tracker for that?
Ime not very experienced in coding

No support for a random device is not a bug - and no one has the budget or time to go out and buy every device for which support is requested (meaning such an issue will either be closed straight away or totally ignored).

Your options are:

  • wait for a miracle (meaning someone with the necessary experience and time happens to get their hand on a 3390)
  • develop support yourself (do the porting, which won't be trivial, but has a decent chance of success)
  • play fate and throw the hardware at someone who might be willing to work on it (no strings attached)
  • find some party willing to be hired for this task (the beauty of opensource, this can literally be anyone, an existing contributor, your local IT consulting company, just as well as the starving engineering student next door)
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Or exchange the router for one that's supported!

That's the implicit default option, yes.

Edit: the used market has a couple of supported alternatives in the 15-25 EUR range, less if you're patient.

Can I suggest here that the routers commonly provided by ISPs to be given priority for support?

The thing is that sometimes these routers are a good option as cheap routers, and there are lots of them available. So when they are supported, they are good choice for beginners.

Take BT home hub 5 for example, you can get used one for 10 or 15 sterling pounds, and you can even get a flashed one already (LEDE) for about 20.

So supporting these routers save them from going to waste.

Okay, i just tought so because the FAQ says "Report bugs pertaining LEDE core functionality and device support using our issue tracker."

OpenWrt supports over 750 different devices, there will inevitably be regressions no one has noticed so far (and the core contributors only have a tiny fraction of those devices at their disposal anyways), you can report bugs and regressions for those. But a 'new' device not having support in the first place is not a bug - and nothing anyone could solve without having the device on their desk.

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A good idea in principle. Some isps have made customizations that can make support difficult to impossible though .

With the progression of high speed internet around the world, my view is focus onto the higher spec / “enthusiast” will mean longer lifespan of that model. But anyone who wants to learn should feel trying/experimenting on whatever devices they have access to :+1:

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So I've got one and I'm working on it. Basic support was rather trivial (though I only ever booted the initramfs), but WiFi won't be supported for quite some time: There is a second Atheros SoC just for WiFi and getting that to work is, unfortunately, not an easy task.
My current progress is in my github at

My next steps are a firmware uploader for the Atheros device and then I need to figure out how to build a firmware for the Atheros SoC.

Discussion continues here: Port to AVM FRITZ!Box 3390