Fritz!Repeater 3000, ubirmvol

I have already flashed 3 Fritz!Repeater with 21.02 OpenWrt successfully. Today I received a new Device and all works fine till the step, where we remove the AVM filesystem.;a=commit;h=148d29d47b1d555d0058dcc5dda450b74c4628ec)

ubirmvol /dev/ubi0 --name=avm_filesys_0
ubirmvol /dev/ubi0 --name=avm_filesys_1

There is an error coming up:
libubi: error! cannot get information about "/dev/ubi0" error 2 No such file or directory

I can't flash the firmware then.
Any Ideas?

Thanks a lot.

You have umirmvol (until you changed your post).

The GitHub instructions use ubirmvol

Sry I was on mobilephone and have typed it in. In the flash-process I putted the correct one.


Is there a ubimkvol step somewhere?

in the end, of the git instruction.

Don't see a ubimkvol reference anywhere in the git instructions...

he's fixed the spelling in the 1st post, it now says ubirmvol.

That's not what I'm referring to...

The step is trying to remove volumes that it thinks should be there...(ubirmvol)

I'm asking what is creating those volumes (ubimkvol, or ?), and where.

I don't create this volumes. I think this is done by the manufacturer or maybe from the uboot? I have performed the same procedure as on the other repeaters.
Maybe there is a Hardware-Change from AVM?


the volume(s) might be embedded in the image, just like they are in the combined x86 image.

it's only a guess though.

There is a recent upgrade to the Fritz!Repeater 3000 OS...

The other Repeaters had already the FRITZ!OS 7.29 installed.

Did this one?

Yes. I also tryed the recover procedure from AVM (works fine) with the 7.29. After this I tryed it again and its the same error. I have a second new repeater here, I can try with this one.

I have tried again with a second new device. But it also fails.
I put some Screenshots here:

Any Ideas?

Br and thx

Anyone can help? I have tried with two repeaters but its the same error on both devices.

I think that AVM has changed something?


I can also confirm the behavior on my side. The volumes /dev/ubi0 do not exist (anymore). After a sysupgrade, the access point immediately reboots to FTP mode

In the kernel log you can see that attaching mtd10 fails.
I have also opened an issue on Github.

root@OpenWrt:~# dmesg | grep ubi
[ 1.269661] 0x000001300000-0x000008000000 : "ubi"
[ 594.840161] ubi0: attaching mtd10
[ 594.841373] ubi0 warning: 0xc067d7fc: error -524 while reading 64 bytes from PEB 0:0, read only 0 bytes, retry
[ 594.843318] ubi0 warning: 0xc067d7fc: error -524 while reading 64 bytes from PEB 0:0, read only 0 bytes, retry
[ 594.853320] ubi0 warning: 0xc067d7fc: error -524 while reading 64 bytes from PEB 0:0, read only 0 bytes, retry
[ 594.863277] ubi0 error: 0xc067d848: error -524 while reading 64 bytes from PEB 0:0, read 0 bytes
[ 594.872374] CPU: 2 PID: 2590 Comm: ubiattach Not tainted 5.4.154 #0
[ 594.971784] ubi0 error: 0xc06780d8: failed to attach mtd10, error -524
root@OpenWrt:~# cat /proc/mtd
dev: size erasesize name
mtd0: 00080000 00020000 "SBL1"
mtd1: 00080000 00020000 "MIBIB"
mtd2: 00080000 00020000 "QSEE"
mtd3: 00040000 00020000 "CDT"
mtd4: 00080000 00020000 "QSEE_B"
mtd5: 00040000 00020000 "urlader0"
mtd6: 00040000 00020000 "urlader1"
mtd7: 00840000 00020000 "nand-tffs"
mtd8: 00400000 00020000 "uboot0"
mtd9: 00400000 00020000 "uboot1"
mtd10: 06d00000 00020000 "ubi"

Try to recover an older version e.g. 7.27...and then try to follow my instructions in Reinstall 21.02 on Fritz!Repeater 3000 - #7 by frollic

Might help....

I searched already for a older version, but I don't find the recovery setup. I write to AVM but the said, that a Downgrade isn't possible.