Fritz Box 4040 (ipq40xx) switch displays wrong in gui, similar to asus-rt-ac58u

just like the ASUS RT-AC58U, LuCi on the Fritz Box 4040 (running 18.06.01)
does not display the WAN interface and the tagging is displayed wrong.

Here the link to the relevant ASUS post: Asus RT-AC58U switch configuration in LuCi (/etc/board.json) vs swconfig command line

The command "swconfig dev switch0 help" reveals:

switch0: 90000.mdio(QCA AR40xx), ports: 6 (cpu @ 0), vlans: 128

	vid: 1
	ports: 0 1 2 3 4
	vid: 2
	ports: 0t 5

@chunkeey as you seem to be the "master" of the ipq40xx device family, could you please provide a kind of fix for this ?

Looks like a change to /etc/board.d/02_network is required, but how does a change to that file get propagated to /etc/board.json ?


Im looking at the 7490 and it has same issue too. I think i made the relavant change on the same file, but the physical ports dont match what port numbers the kernel sees for link up/down events. Still investigating.

All the fun is right here:

The only missing ingredient is unpaid labor (aka. students). Maybe some of the supporters could also think about to setup a GSoC for this. Though, I don't think it can be done and upstreamed in a single project.

The problem is that even with the patch from john it is not working properly (at least for the mr33), even though there should only be some crashes if I understood him correctly. I've tried some changes to make the mr33 compatible but it just didn't work out. Maybe you guys here have more success with the FritzBox or Asus device, but for the mr33 it doesn't seem to be as helpful as it seemed in the beginning.