Fresh install has 0 real network interfaces

I am using an HP Thin-Client, I don't recall the model number for certain, but I believe it is an h5730 or similar. Has a 64-bit Geode CPU, and 2 GB of Flash on a DOM. I upgraded the 1 GB RAM to 2 GB. Has a built-in e1000e Ethernet port, and I added a regular e1000 PCI card, via the PCI Expansion jacket.

I have connected a monitor, keyboard, and an Ethernet cable, however, at the command prompt, I only show an lo0 interface. lsmod shows that both the e1000e and the e1000 mods are loaded, and dmesg does mention them. I am plenty comfortable and familiar with Linux command line use. This just perplexes me no end.

Oh, I should probably mention that I am using the generic 18.06.1 x86.64 ext4 combined image.


ifconfig -a shows only the loopback interface, and the same with ip addr

Does cat /proc/net/dev | grep eth show anything?

No, it just takes me to a new command prompt.

Typing cat /proc/net/dev shows 2 header lines, and a line for lo0.

Strange thing also, the link light is on for the port that has the cable plugged in, which is the built-in e1000e. I also get a rhythmically pulsing activity LED. If I plug anything into the other port, I get no such lights. I wonder if the two kmods are somehow conflicting? I might try removing the PCI card, and see what happens when I boot then.

I don't dab with Linux x64 much but perhaps the Geode platform needs something special (hence the Geode profile) in order to fully function?

My apologies, I’m afraid I don’t know what you mean by ‘dab', or by ‘geode profile’. As far as the Geode CPU, that is in stock devices. I upgraded mine to a Core2Duo.