Free to customize GL.iNet router firmware

I will introduce the glbuilder project, which allows users to easily customize GL.iNet's router firmware.

Project address:

glbuilder has the following functions:

  1. Quickly compile the version exactly the same as the official firmware released by GL.iNet, and support custom version information.
  2. Arbitrarily add or delete software and files on the basis of official firmware.
  3. Support direct integration of files in ipk format into firmware.
  4. Support compiling openwrt package source code into firmware.
  5. Convenient graphical configuration interface, easy to use.

For more information, please refer to the project readme.


Are you working for GL.iNet? The GitHub link suggests it's under GL.iNet's 'official' profile, from what I can tell. If so, might be worth asking the mods to link that to your profile, to make that clear. It sounds like a very nice project. Congratulations on providing that level of customisability to your customers.


Yes, I work for glinet and this project is an official glinet project.


@luochongjun - this is an interesting project and I'm sure the GL.iNet customers will enjoy the new capabilities.

Since we often get questions from users who have GL.iNet firmware installed on their devices (and possibly more to come with this new tool), how can we best handle those cases? As you are no doubt aware, some of the modifications in your company's fork have material impact on the way that the firmware operates and that makes it difficult to support without more intimate knowledge of the changes. Will you (and/or others at glinet) be participating on these forums to provide support for users of the GL.iNet forks? Or should we direct them to your support forums?

I am happy to support our customers. If have any questions, please contact me directly on the openwrt forum, or send questions to my work email,

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Fantastic. Thank you. It is never a good feeling for anyone when we have to say that we can't help (since we usually don't know the nuances of the GL.iNet firmware) and just tell people to go to the glinet forum.

We'll tag you in on threads where the user is running the glinet fork.