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I use my android device as a ftp server in two different lan(s). In one, it has ip, in the other one it has ip and the router runs openwrt.
Is there any way to instruct dns to forward any call to (made by the program I have on laptop) to and if yes, how?
Thank you.

What hostnames do you use?

I've added the following line to /etc/hosts but it seems to me that it doesn't work:

Those are IP addresses, not hostnames or a Fully-Quailed Domain Name.


Pick a valid name to use - otherwise the domain .lan should be the default appended in OpenWrt. Hence after you pick a valid hostname for the client, you will have a fully qualified domain name of example.lan.

Next, you can make it whatever - just use the proper syntax and add it to /etc/config/dhcp

config domain
        option ip ''    
        option name 'example.xxxxxxxxx'
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