Force Syslog to resolve IPs to hostnames

I'm trying to see if I can have the IP addresses of the local hosts appearing in syslog resolved via the OpenWRT DNS resolver (dnsmasq). The syslog messages appearing in OpenWRT in LuCI > System Log contain IP addresses of local hosts instead of resolving the IP addresses to host names.

For example:

Wed Oct 21 14:38:26 2020 dnsmasq[18057]: 12094 query[A] from

I would like to see the hostname of the local host instead of its IP address.

This host received a DHCP lease from OpenWRT:

iPhone	32:EE:26:XX:XX:XX	6h 58m 37s

and OpenWRT can resolve the pointer query sent by any LAN host against :

% host domain name pointer iPhone.mydomain.local.

OpenWRT can also resolve a pointer query against locally:

Address: name = iPhone.mydomain.local

Is there a way to force OpenWRT to log DNS names instead of IPs in its syslog?

Thank you.