Force custom dns over https on all device

I was using https-dns-proxy, which forces all my devices on my home network to use dns over https, to hide my dns from isp/gov and force my choice of dns on all device (google hijacks on android).
But I want to use mullvad's dns, and https-dns-proxy does not have mulvad resolver.
TLDR: Is there any good software that forces custom dns over https on all devices? Thank you!

You can add any DoH resolver you'd like.

Hey, thanks a lot for the reply.
I'm sorry I'm a little confused. I want a very minimal software that can force doh. Can you please recommend me any open source software?

that's what the link provided is all about.
the DoH part, you've already got installed, you only need to make sure your clients actually use it...

Yes my clients do use it. But I want to use mulvad dns/custom dns. And https-dns-proxy software doesn't have an option to add custom dns resolver. It has some famous ones like cloudflare, nextdns, google, etc.
Quad9 is also available on that list, and I am using that, but I want to change it to mullvad which is not on the list. Also quad9 resolves to some weird ip located in my city, i guess they are using a data center or something. I trust mullvad more than quad9.
Thank you!