FON 2100 / Low RAM device

I know that device is no longer recommended due to its low amount of memory (16MB)...

Is there any chances it would still be working for a really basic setup? I'm just looking to reuse it as a WIFI Bridge and would prefer having the latest LEDE 17.01.4 on it so it's not vulnerable to the KRACK attack.

I'm planning to flash manually from Redboot /TFTP using the files in:


It's hard to guess without trying, but given the memory requirements of 17.01 (minimum recommended 64 MB) it seems quite unlikely that your router would operate normally with this amount of RAM.

However, it might be possible to replace the RAM chip with a bigger one? If that is an option for you.


From my experience it is unusable, even in bridge mode. The device basically became impossible to use once the switch from madwifi to mac80211 / ath5k was made. Even basic wifi only operation with hostapd and/or wpa_supplicant tends to result in OOM panics on the device.