Followed guide to create wireless bridge but no internet connection

I've followed the 'Luci' part of this guide on my BT HH5A running 21.02.5 (22 has unsolved bootloops), all worked fine, it's connected to my ISP router, a Vodafone THG3000. Any ideas, I've followed all the steps and tried it from scratch (factory resetting each time) about 5 times but no joy. I'm essentially trying to use the BT HH5 as a wireless adapter/client to ethernet switch.

Any ideas what I could be missing? I've trippled checked the firewall and interface settings for the Wifi and br-lan and they're identical to the guide. It's showing the wifi as connected to my router fine, but with a minimal amount of traffic on the interface (presumably just he web interface), also the router can't ping anything.

The other option looks to be with relayd but it looks incredibly convoluted and I'm not sure why that involves multiple subnets etc. I've done wireless bridges before with Padavan and other stock firmwares and they've never needed multiple subnets. Also without the internet connection I can't download the packages anyway (without faffing with memory sticks and multiple pc's).

Any help appreciated thanks.

If you want a wireless > wired bridge, you do need to use relayd. There are several threads about this in the forums... wireless repeaters and/or wireless > wired (downlink) bridges are not supported by the 802.11 standard, so it is necessary to apply 'hacks' (i.e. relayd) in order to get this to work.

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Thanks, I'll give it a go I guess, I presume this guide is ok?


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Yup... that's the guide I would have pointed you to. I've never tried it, and there are some quirks to it (such as the fact that IPv6 is not supported, and in some cases there can be problems with DHCP). But relayd is what you need in this situation.

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I got it working thanks, although disappointing speeds at around 75mbps max on a 900mbps connection, the wifi connects at 500-750mbps though. I know the BT Homehub 5 used to have slow speed issues but I understood those to be fixed and thought I'd get around 150mbps now. Anyway maybe Openwrt 22 will help, I notice the boot loop issues that stopped me using it have recently been switched.

Lastly, is there a guide to do the reverse of what I've just done and run it wired and then acting as an ethernet switch and wireless AP? Thanks

For this, you'll want to follow the dumb AP guide. Using a wired uplink will be higher performance, and is always recommended if it is physically possible.

The best option for 'undoing' the current config is to simply reset to defaults and start over. Obviously, feel free to take a backup of the current config in case you ever want to use it again.

fwiw, have you studied the HH5a installation guide?

(relayd is covered in section 9.10. AP mode covered in 9.6)

Like yourself, I have always found Padavan or FreshTomato are best for wireless bridging and speeds, but the choice of compatible devices is very small.

R6250 wireless bridge with freshtomato, 2x2 Wifi-5 (AC) link to Asuswrt 4x4 AC2400 router.
(my ethernet speed is 510/71 mbps on openreach FTTP)

Thanks, I'd read the installation part but not the later stuff, it looks like they only get around 70mbps with relayd too, so it seems to be a driver restriction. AP looks like I should get 250-300mbps possibly, but I'll need to run an ethernet cable so I might need to look at other options instead.

fwiw, you'll be lucky to even get half the of 250mbps from AP mode. See section 7.12