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and also if you are connecting the router directly to the computer do not forget to set your local network to 100 mbps full duplex just to transfer via tftp, i don't know what the problem was but mine didn't work without setting it

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I also bricked my archer c6 v2 us by flashing c6 eu firmware, after i debricked easly my router using tftp. Dont flash latest stock firmware, Its need a intermediate hub/switch for tftp flash. Use stock firm v1.1.6 , then you can directly flash your router by cable. rename the firmware file as shown in the image.

Do you have the hash (sha256, etc.) of that file?

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i have debricked using this firmware through cable

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I mean, I can get TFTP to work. It sends the file, it's just that afterwards nothing happens. Or perhaps I need to wait like an hour or so and I'm being impatient?

I do what Dilma Rouseff, I mean, DirmaRucheff (nice username btw) suggested and switch to 100 Mbps Full Duplex and it works fine straight on my PC, it's just the router that seems not to react at all :thinking: .

Thanks for all the replies everyone, it means a lot to me. I've been pretty sad over the brick I did here. I shouldn't have forced flash a stripped stock firmware (via OWRT), I knew it could be a problem but I ignored the warning.

Do not ignore warnings, they are there for a reason.

Will report later!

edit: for some reason my router always reboots right at the end of the tftp flash
why do I think the PSU is busted :thinking:

Flash using TFTP recovery

An ethernet switch between the router and the TFTP server should be used in order to prevent the TFTP server's interface to shutdown!
If the server's interface shuts down, the router times out and it won't find the TFTP server.

  1. Connect one of the router's LAN ports (it doesn't work with the WAN port!) to a network switch

  2. Connect another cable from the switch to the computer/TFTP server

  3. Set the computer IP to

  4. Start a tftp server with the OpenWrt factory image in the tftp root directory renamed to ArcherA6v2_tp_recovery.bin

  5. Connect the power cable to the router, press and hold the reset button and turn the router on

  6. Keep the reset button pressed until the WPS LED lights up

  7. Wait ~150 seconds until flashing and booting is completed

If you're having TFTP time out, it is caused by taking too long to negotiate the link. Use 10/100MBit switch. see Post Can't boot tftp recovery Archer C6 v2.

Can you remember - how much bytes you stripped from your firmware?

You mean, the TFTP server on the router shuts down? Or is the router itself is the client?

I am not having timeouts, I am doing the exact correct procedure (without a switch).

Also, 512 bytes.

Trying eth0
eth0 link down
Using eth0 device
TFTP from server; our IP address is
Filename 'ArcherC6v2_tp_recovery.bin'.
Load address: 0x80060000
Loading: * * Tx Timed out
T Tx Timed out
T Tx Timed out
Tftp server tranfer fail!
tftpboot firmware failed, now start normally.
Hit any key to stop autoboot:  1 0

as the official documentation tftp interface of the router will shut down

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Tried with the WR740n as a switch, same behavior:

Output is fine, no timeouts. Yet... Nothing.

i see.. you have damaged your router uboot partition by flashing wrong stripped firmware. there is no way to recover your router by tftp, you have to rewrite uboot partition in router flash chip. for that you need a chip programmer tool. if you have warranty , replace your router. check your country tp-link website for warranty.

I have warranty yes. 3 months with the store then with TP-Link. What do I say though? I technically voided it :thinking:

By the way, it wasn't flashing prior to force flashing stock stripped (if you check my previous posts).

then Only serial console output can say whats going on..
try to flash openwrt builds throw tftp, if you dont damage uboot then openwrt will boot up successfully..

you can -- after online upgrading through web interface the router does not work any more

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I follow the following steps.

1-turn off the router

2- press the reset button and keep

3-press the button to turn on and as soon as the wps light turns on, I release the reset button

I do not use any switch but it is necessary to set the ethernet adapter to 100mbps

Hi all,

Have been doing some initial playing around with OpenWrt on an Archer A6 v2 US and stumbled across this development thread. I am currently using the snapshot version from the OpenWrt but like to play with the latest and greatest.

I see there are is a stable and some variations to play with on Jenkins - what version are people looking for feedback and testing of?

any builds of variant 2

Hi and thanks for your answers.
Having 3 c6 eu version, these weekend i'll play with one of those.
I'll try a variant 2 of the latest builds.
Do you suggest to retain configuration or to wipe all and recreate it?

have you already installed openwrt in routers?, Okay then you can retain the configuration

yes, i've already openwrt on board.