Flashing (US) rom on an (EU) TP-Link router?

I have a TP-Link Archer C9 V5 (EU) router which has a limited wifi power due to euro regulations.

I live in Iraq and the allowed wifi power here is equivalent to the US wifi standards. So what I'm trying to do is not illegal.

Can I flash the (US) original (modified?) TP-Link firmware to my device ?

I already flashed the latest firmware from TP-Link website (US version) but the firmware seems the same for all regions and the router will (I suppose) automatically choose EU options, my wifi power still terrible after the update.

Here is the link for the firmware: https://static.tp-link.com/2019/201904/20190415/Archer%20C9(US)_V5_190403.zip

You should ask this question on a forum that specializes in t-link firmware. This is the OpenWrt forum. If you have questions about openwrt, we can help you here. Otherwise, you’ll get better answers on other sites.

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I just did that because all router modification masters are available here that may be they are the only ones who can answer me.

No, this is not correct. Openwrt users are here. But we do not specialize in non-openwrt firmware.

That model has a Broadcom wifi system which is not supported by open-source software. Asking the open-source community about how country restriction is implemented on such hardware by its closed-source drivers will not be very productive.


I will try reddit
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