Flashing OpenWrt to Edge Router X: difficult?

Hello ! I have two Fritzbox 4020 with OpenWRT, I wanted to get a stronger one, so got Edge Router X. I watched this tutorial

and thought it's going to work: first install initramfs-factory file on GUI of Edge router, then do sysupgrade with SSH.

But then I read this

and am getting scared. I see some success stories on the forum, and they are all from 2021 or 2020. And Van Tech's video is about 8 mo old. I wonder if OpenWRT page is the current status. I'm quite a bit scared because Unifi changes things, and then it suddenly doesn't work as they used to work (like UAP). I updated ERX to v2.0.9-hotfix.4. On OpenWRT page, the instruction for downgrading from v2.0 to v1.0 is written, is it supposed to be better that way?
TFTP recovery method is also given, but I don't have linux, mine is an old macbook, then the commands might have to be translated, which I'm not sure if I can do properly, so I really don't want to brick the router at all.

To put it short, could someone conform that it's going to work in the following way:
Current: Stock OS v2.0.9 hotfix.4
Flash initramfs-factory using GUI of the Edge Router
sysupgrade to the current version using ssh.

I would appreciate your info!

Do you have a UART cable? You should be able to recover from most situations if you have one.

Confirm that your Edgerouter X has the recovery bootloader. Power it up while holding down the reset button and after about 20 seconds the port LEDs should start blinking in a pattern even with no Ethernet cables connected. If you then unplug without doing anything, it will return to the same firmware on the next boot.

The recovery process uses a PC with a TFTP client, which is much simpler than setting up a TFTP server. I think that MacOS has a CLI based TFTP client included.

I just flashed one about 2 months ago. I factory defaulted it first then used the GUI in EdgeOS and flashed v19.07.2 first per the instructions in Factory firmware installation.

Detailed steps I posted here.

Thank you, all, for your replies !

@d687r02j8g , no I dont have UART cable: have never even heard of it ! I'm scared of opening things up and use serial connection, unless there is s serial port outside....

And @mk24, I didn't quite understand this part:

Did you mean: say, ERX got a stock firmware. I will try to install OpenWRT, and somehow screw it up. Then I should do this process, and my attempts will be annulled, ERX will just start as if I hadn't done anything. Is that right?

And, if I do this process right now, is ERX going to be returned to the factory default?

And yes my macbook does have tftp client: now I see, in your link there is a line by line instruction also for Mac !

@account4538 Thanks a lot for the good news ! Then I will give it a try, after checking the suggested safety measures.
Are you happy with the outcome, by the way? Is it working well?

Yes, working without any issues:

With the recovery bootloader, if the router is bricked you can use the recovery mode to install the special recovery Ubiquiti firmware build, which restores operation to stock, then you can install OpenWrt again. All of this without opening the router case or needing a serial cable, which is the other way to recover.

Hello ! Just flashed OpenWRT 22.03.2 ! In the end, pretty easy. At first it went wrong right away:) After struggling with it for a few days, wondering if I should return, I found out that the factory image file was corrupt ! It got just 144kb ! No wonder it didn't work. So in the end, what I did was:

Stock OS v2.0.9 hotfix.4 (upgraded from whatever was on upon purchase)
Flashed openwrt-ramips-mt7621-ubnt-erx-initramfs-factory.tar
sysupgrade -v -n -F openwrt-22.03.2-ramips-mt7621-ubnt_edgerouter-x-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin

and it did work! I'm trying to be very explicit here, because with unifi, who knows what happens with the next version....

Thank you all for your help !

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