Flashing openwrt on DLINK DIR-3040

Hello Team Openwrt,

i am a newbie here, can someone please provide me the step by step instructions of flashing a stable openwrt firmware on Dlink DIR-3040?

thank you in advance!

Instructions are in the git commit:


Thank you man, can you help me with correct firmware files?

support was recently added, only beta (aka snapshot) firmware is available - https://firmware-selector.openwrt.org/?version=SNAPSHOT&target=ramips%2Fmt7621&id=dlink_dir-3040-a1

Thank you! but is it safe to try beta version? can i wait for sometime for stable version to be released?

thank you!

define "safe".

it won't kill your dog, that much we can promise.

no one can force you to install a beta ?

Usually the snapshots (i.e. beta) are fine, but they can absolutely have bugs. They are built daily, so there can be transient bugs depending on the specific build that you install.

When a device is in snapshot and not yet full release, you should be ready for issues, though.

Also, things to know:

  1. There is no web interface installed by default. You can add it though.
  2. You need to install any and all packages of interest right away. Because of the daily nature of the snapshots, the packages also advance and may become incompatible with previous snapshots (i.e. what's installed on your device) in sometimes as little as 24 hours.

If you're not yet familiar with OpenWrt, you may want to wait until a stable version is official released.

Thanks buddy, which file to flash first form currently available 3? ( from Dlink's recovery mode)

for a newbie snapshots don't have the web interface luci by default
but you can make an image via the firmware selector
under "Customize installed packages" add luci to the end in the "Installed Packages"
and "Request Build"
once complete download the "Recover" file for upload via the Recover Interface

one thing to note you will most likely need an unencrypt firmware file
to go back to dlink software if you want to you may have to make one
as dlink don't provide them

Thank you, I will try this then let you know.

Unfortunately my router is bricked, it successfully upgraded the firmware but no web interface. :frowning: and now it's not taking its original firmware from dlink web recovery webui. Please help! :pleading_face:

Can you please create a step by step guide of firmware creation and it's install?

I will try again till I get success
Thank you :pray:

This is expected with a snapshot (unless you added LuCI in a custom image).

The above doesn't necessarily mean it is bricked.

Please connect your computer directly to the router via ethernet. Does the computer get an IP address on the ethernet port? If so, Can you ping successfully?

Yes it gets the IP address. How can I bring the web interface? Can you please create a firmware file and load it here? Thank you

What IP address does it get?

^^^ Did you test this?

We answered this previously, and also made it clear that this would be expected:

You can do this yourself, also answered previously:

to install luci you can login to the router via ssh and type

opkg update
opkg install luci

here are some files for you http://luckys.onmypc.net/openwrt/DIR-3040-A1/
there is an d-link unencrypted firmware file
also an openwrt with luci baked in it
but as a snapshot it all ways better to make
one on the day so the library match up to add software

Thank you, I could see 3 files on this link.

Can you tell me the order to flash them? Like which should be 1st?

I tried accessing router through SSH putty by its stock ip but it gets hanged on blank screen. Also it displays only powerlight no wifi lights of 2.5ghz and 5ghz.

Thank you in advance

you get the file you want depend on what you are doing ?
these file you upload via the recover interface

want to go back to dlink firmware get
want the current snapshot with luci baked in get

that's normal, since openwrt doesn't enable wifi by default.

note the top page links (then read the rest of the page) at https://openwrt.org/releases/snapshot about the webui.

Thank you very much Sir, my router is restored to its original firmware after falshing the unencrypted.bin :slight_smile:

but if i flash luci backed snapshot as mentioned above using recovery , i am still struggling to get the webui hence please suggest :slight_smile:


Did you read the provided link ?