Flashing ASUS RT-AX1800S

Hello. I'm running into a wall while trying to flash OpenWRT onto my new ASUS RT-AX1800S (https://openwrt.org/toh/asus/rt-ax54).
When I hit Enter after putting in the mtd-write command, nothing seems to happen. And if I reboot, it just boots back in the factory firmware.

I'm sure I'm just missing something easy here.

You have a typo in the command: There is an unmatched ' in the command line. It does look garbled, too.

It should probably read:

mtd-write -i openwrt-23.05.3-ramips-mt7621-asus_rt-ax54-squashfs-factory.bin -d Kernel

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Totally right. Must have botched the copy/paste. Sorry for the easy one. I appreciate the second set of eyes. I got paranoid and didn't want to brick the thing.

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