Flashing Archer C6 v2 with latest OpenWrt version

According to the documentation not all OEM firmware supports flashing the latest OpenWRT version through the web interface. So let's say my C6 is on firmware version 1.0.X, can I then not simply flash an earlier version of OpenWRT (say 19.07.0) through the OEM browser, and then update OpenWRT to its latest version afterwards? Or am I overlooking something fundamental?

Yes, according to the documentation, you can flash 'factory' image of correct version OpenWRT using web-interface. After that you can install any 'sysupgrade' version of OpenWRT using mtd etc.

Ah great, it wasn't mentioned explicitly so I wanted to make sure I wasn't just making assumptions. Thank you!

I have sucessfully installed latest Openwrt in my Archer C6 v2 EU, that had the latest TP-Link firmware. I have not had time to make test to put it as my main router, but it is promising. Thank you all.

(I have used TFTP way, with no problem at all)

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5 ghz network almost unusable :disappointed_relieved:

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