Flashing a UAP with openwrt still possible?


I have read some of the other threads regarding this but info is a little thin.

Are the details found on this link https://openwrt.org/toh/ubiquiti/unifi still correct today starting from here;
"rootfs partition is removed so firmware upgrade fail. By serial port break the U-BOOT boot for the prompt"
my unifi AP is running version 4.x so if I have serial access I can proceed with installing openwrt 19.x?


Did you read/visit the forum thread noted on the page you linked?

Yes. It mentions ubiquiti blocking 3rd part installations but also serial access may be possible.

So, I take that as a no.

I'll assist:

Hope this helps.

Do you have an AC model or one of the older models with n wifi?

If running 4.x on an n model, first obtain a 3.x firmware from Ubiquiti and downgrade it.

There is an ath79 build for the old model now which should be used instead of ar71xx.

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