Flashed OpenWrt now only power LED, can SSH in, how should I proceed? (ENS620EXT)

Hello, So I've flashed OPENWRT onto my ENS620EXT (ens620ext_squashfs_factory30.bin v19.07.7) and left it go for over an hour but it never 'came back out of the flash' from just a power light, so I cold booted it and it only boots to a power LED now. I did try TFTP rescue on it with factory firmware but it won't take the image, it just skips by without taking the upload. I can get it into RECOVERY MODE and I can access via WinSCP and in SSH come up to a SuperUser/# prompt with OPENWRT banner. I've flashed routers many times and have recovered routers from failed firmware but never found myself in this situation. I consider this to be a delicate situation because its a fairly pricey router so I would like to ask those of you who are of a more "Senior" level using OPENWRT or restoring failed flashes on how you might recommend that I proceed. I'm really not comfortable 'swamping' around blindly with this one and causing a brick; hopefully I'm not breaking any rules or forum protocols here, just trying to get a better idea on how to proceed without causing myself BIG problems that I may not be able to dig myself out of. I'd prefer to use OPENWRT on this one but if necessary I am also alright with putting the factory image back onto it. Thanks in advance for any insight.

So when you just do a normal reboot you can not access it via SSH?

No, any attempt to connect from a normal reboot is met with timeout. Can only connect if I press the reset button during "Please press button now to enter failsafe". Then the power light flashes rapidly and stays like that which also allows me to connect through WinSCP or putty. Same with PING, only get replies to ping in FAILSAFE MODE any other gets no response from PING.

So I did actually attempt to reset the router using "firstboot -y && reboot now" which seems to have recovered funtionality however whenI attempt to access the router GUI I get the initial LUCI login screen: "NO PASSWORD SET ON THIS ROUTER. PLEASE CONFIGURE A ROOT PASSWORD TO PROTECT THE WEB INTERFACE." Which no matter what I do give me the em: 'INVALID USERNAME/AND/OR PASSWORD! PLEASE TRY AGAIN.' No matter what I try gives me: INVALID USERNAME/AND/OR PASSWORD! I've tried BLANK, OPENWRT DEFAULTS and EVEN THE ORIGINAL DEFAULTS. Now I'm stuck here?

My attempt to reset the root passwd did not meet with a successful login, apparently 'switching to jffs2 overlay' is unavailable when booting into rescue' and a temporary type overlay was loaded?

I intend to flash with openwrt-19.07.7-ipq40xx-generic-engenius_ens620ext-squashfs-sysupgrade from SSH in from RECOVERY MODE...

Right now I am still unable to log into the router because it tells me that I have an incorrect password. I'm just reading through the myriad .doc to find the command to attempt reflashing with SYSUPGRADE.bin for the device. I saw it while I was reading but can't find it again. So much to read, honestly it gets a little frustrating because information is fragmented. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks.

I resolved by:

  1. pressing the reset button when the power LED began flashing during boot in order to enter recovery mode.
  2. logged into the router with WinSCP (SCP session) and transferred openwrt-19.07.7-ipq40xx-generic-engenius_ens620ext-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin (renamed to fw19077.bin for convenience) to /tmp
  3. logged into the router with SSH and issued SYSUPGRADE -v /tmp/fw19077.bin

The router flashed firmware and rebooted, came up normally and I've now logged into the router and acquired a LUCI session. All appears to be resolved and I'll let you know once and for all how it turned out.

Actually it may have been a little luck but the firmware and hardware is really good stuff. Attempting this with a router that can't get into a RECOVERY MODE from the bootloader would have been a disaster. I'm quite relieved at getting this router back into the land of the living and with OPENWRT on it as well. There was no need to go backwards. This was my first real recovery requiring any sort of thought and research. If anyone finds themselves in this situation you may have to do some research. Try not to rush yourself or let panic and negative thinking guide your thought process. If you can get your router into recovery mode chances are there is a way out... Be cautious and do the research.

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