Flashed old LEDE software, can't reach router WRT3200ACM

I have Linksys WRT3200ACM. I accidentally flashed this firmware because I read old wiki page which is here. ipconfig doesn't give me gateway IP, it gives me my own IP though (

Is there a way to flash latest openWRT right now?

That is non-working "link-local" fallback from DHCP client in your PC.
Not an actually working IP address.

Sounds like you need to set a fixed IP address for the PC from 192.168.1.X (not .1 that router should have), e.g.
The SSH into router at might work.

Alternatively, you might also try toggling the boot back to the previous firmware, by using the three power-offs method described in the wiki in the "Firmware Recovery" section. The old page is valid for that, but here it is in the new wiki:
The advice is hidden in the "switch" tab of the recovery section.

That boot partition switching trick will lead you into the previous firmware that you flashed from.

Ps. Note that some of the newest Linksys WRT3200ACM have a different flash chip that is not supported by the older releases. You need to stick into 18.06 or master

Pleas ffs can some one turn the old wiki off. I am sick of it!

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Okay, I'm back to original firmware. I thought that I already bricked it. Will proceed with latest version.
Thanks for help.

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