Flashed a .rar file (instead of .bin)

I had a C7 running a version of Open-WRT from last year sometime. I wanted to revert TP-Link Factory.

I had a crying baby on my hip and I force upgraded the webrevert rar file instead of first uncompressing it to a *.bin file.

From what I read in the documentation, I need to do something via serial to fix this but exactly what is not clear to me.

There is also an option to build a custom image that matches the TPLINK_HWREV and TPLINK_HWID produced by the file that was uploaded. In the documentation there are some files available for a failed firmware upgrade where those values are empty but is there anyway of figuring out what happened to them when the .rar file was uploaded?

try TFTP recovery -

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I did. And I tried all the files in the custom set.

This document https://openwrt.org/toh/tp-link/archer-c5-c7-wdr7500#tftp_recovery_de-bricking says:

Note: the TFTP flashing process requires that the product hardware id and version in the new image header match those in the existing image in flash, otherwise the new image is rejected, flashing is cancelled and the bootloader proceeds to boot the old image.

This is certainly what is wrong here. The RAR file must surely have messed up the TPLINK_HWREV and TPLINK_HWID?

How to figure out what it set them to in order to re-install?

there's a link to a patched file further down, try that one.

I did. Didn't work.