Flash stockrom R7800 Netgear

How can I flash the stockrom on the Netgear R7800?

If I open a Tftp client, put the router in recoverymode, connect and select the image and ip, then press Put.
It is standig still a Block 0.

Then something is amiss on the tftp client side (firewall?), putting an unmanaged switch between tftp client and the r7800 significantly increases your chances as well.

Push-button tftp recovery is very reliable on the r7800, if the tftp client is there at the right time.


First guess is that your local PC does not have a fixed IP from 192.168.1.(2-253)
If the PC normally uses DHCP, it will rather soon after losing the router change its address to 169.254.x.x link-local address that does not work for TFTP flashing (as router is in the 192.168.1.x subnet).

https://www.youtube.com/watch?app=desktop&v=LIM_2BLi91M Following the principles of this helped me use TFTP flashing as a clueless beginner, maybe it could be some help. It's obviously a windows-only explanation, which I'd prefer not, but I am still learning Linux.

I am new to all of this, i dont know what do you mean with switch. Can you explain?

No mi local ip is a 127...., i did put the dhcp to manual an made my IPv4-Adress: and the IPv4-mask

That just happens to be the only wrong address, as the router itself is and your PC can't have the same.

Select any other 192.168.1.x address, but NOT

It the routers Ip not that of the pc. Flashing openwrt was no problem but back is the same way? Can it be that its a problem because of .img file?