Flash over Serial

Helly everybody,

I will try to be clear because my english is not really good..

So, i have one Linksys wrt610n v1 and i wanted to install openwrt (over dd-wrt).
I made a mistake because i installed the wrong firmware (for v2) ...

Now, The router is not available by network.
I'am connected to the router by serial and it work.
I think the network won't be able because the chip is not the same.

So my question is, how can i transfert the good firmware on the router without network?
Usb-key ? Mount is not avalaible.

I'am sorry if it's obvious for you but i don't what can i do.

Thanks a lot for your help.

Have you tried this?

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It work's, thanks you so mush !
I missed that...

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