Flash O.Wrt in D'link - 819

I have D'Link DIR 819, and want to flash Owrt in that, how I can proceed, because official there is no any release for it, can I flash other D'link variant like DIR 850 or some others ?

I also have TP link WR850N and for that also I think it is not available, kindly help me, to do so.

No, you can't.

WR850N v1 v2 v4 are however supported

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These are embedded devices, which each need their own bespoke image exactly tailored to their (hardware- and software) requirements. There are no 'generic' images that will work on multiple different routers, either your exact model (down to its hardware revision) is supported - or it isn't (if it isn't, you may be able to propose a pull request adding support for it, but the necessary down-to-the-hardware development would be all yours, as you're the only one with the hardware on the desk).

DIR-819 looks the same as DIR-816L. You can check this post.