Fixing "Legacy rules detected"

Hi, I'm totally new here, I'm totally new to Openwrt even when I've used DDWRT before.

I've been learning a lot last week, I did never used FTP and now I've learn, also for Putty and some other stuff because I'm trying to set up a Dual Wan with Mwan and Luci.

But I find this problem which I think is not allowing me to set up successully my Dual Wan connection:

Legacy rules detected

So, I've searched in past topics and people give the solution but I don't know how to implement it. They say "fix it", but I don't even know what exactly to fix and most importantly, where to fix it.

So, could anybody tell me what to do please?

I'm doing all this by myself.

Yes, I've clicked in "open iptables rules overview" but I don't know what to do.

I will appreciate any help.

Have you added any custom firewall rules - written in iptables syntax?

Can you show us what it says?

It happens when you install iptables-legacy on OpenWRT 22+
You need to use iptables-nft.

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So far I've only added "mwan"

Legacy rules are detected after adding "mwan"

After clicking in "open iptables rules overview" there's nothing in particular I can detect:

Sharing the screenshots is the only way I know so far to share this.

To share the other parts I have to share 4 more screenshots

I will make the thread a mess

Did you see @brada4's reply?

Did you install iptables-legacy?

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Allowing to overwrite conflicting packages?

Now I did, thanks

It is installed after installing mwan3, I think

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You need to pre-install iptables-nft and kmod-nft-fib before installing mwan3


I will restore and start again.

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Thanks. Probably post your experiences in wiki section so somebody fixes guidance


Thanks @brada4

I did this:

  • Restored
  • Installed Sysupgrade
  • Installed iptables-nft
  • Already installed kmod-nft-fib
  • Installed mwan

Didn't work

Same problem

There is a dependency list when installing mwan3
let me see it on clean install.

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This one?

This is clean install, nothing else, just mwan

Now install iptables-nft ip6tables-nft and both libip?tc2 ipset
Then try again.... Should be no -legacy to be potentially installed, but let me check.....
Basically fib (addrtype) , flags, ctflags and nat do not interoperate between frameworks.

  • Clean install
  • installed iptables-nft
  • installed ip6tables-nft
  • installed both libip 4 and 6
  • installed mwan3

Same problem, still Legacy Rules detected

I didn't enabled the "overwrite conflicting packages" just FYI

Can you install 5 packages, then show dependency list again?

iptables-nft-save should show that warning too.

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  • clean install
  • iptables ip6tables libip 4 and 6 installed
  • checked firewall dashboard after installing ip6tables but there is no warning

mwan3 not yet installed