[Fixed] USB Not working

I have installed using lede-17.01.0-r3205-59508e3-apm821xx-nand-WNDR4700-squashfs-factory.img every thing was working fine, then I moved my overlay to my usb drive(ext4+swap), rebooted then i went for 2h came back no usb led was glowing, I rest to factory restore, but they are not working.

Help with the USB, rest of the thing is good

Got solution from Christian Lamparter

"the two USB 3.0 ports? Then please read on:
Currently, this requires some manual intervention.
This is because the USB 3.0 chip from Renesas' needs a firmware in order to initialize the chip.
Sadly Renesas' never submitted the firmware to
linux-firmware.git and it is only available from their
windows utility... So there isn't a redistributable licence which prevents it from being included in the firmware files on download.lede-project.org.

As for getting the USB 3.0 Ports working: you need to put
the following file: K2013080.mem [0] [1] into /lib/firmware
of your WNDR4700 and either reboot your router, or just
reload xhci-pci module.
link1: http://www.adapter.co.jp/Adapter/PP2U-jp.html
link2: http-www adapter.co.jp/Download/PP2U/USB3-201-202-FW-20120312.zip

Google uPD72020x-firmware_2_powerpc_464fp.ipk
Then download using

#curl -O http-//url/../uPD72020x-firmware_2_powerpc_464fp.ipk
#opkg install uPD72020x-firmware_2_powerpc_464fp.ipk

to install it. After that either reboot or reload
xhci-pci module and the USB 3.0 ports should be

That's all. If I missed something and it isn't working
please let me know."

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Someone mark it as closed

Mark what closed? This is not a bug tracker, but a discussion forum...

Hi Kapil: Chris also pointed me to here but even though I have rudimentary awareness on linux I am stuck here. I suspect that this has to be placed somewhere where it may be read-only file system.
I can write up the recipe that is stupid proof if someone can give me some guidance. I have access to Ubuntu, FreeDos, and Ubuntu. I am very comfortable with ssh command prompts and with editors like nano/vi. I can also do rsync/scp/rcp etc...
Pls help as I would like to get my wndr4700 with working usb ports!
much appreciate. I have screenshopt from using google translate...

Use ssh and scp command to achieve the task. This was easier for me.

How to install using LAN calbe and linux PC
Download uPD72020x-firmware_2_powerpc_464fp.ipk
( https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3ayzx3UiwMoZHpIZjc1TTdoRGc/view?usp=drivesdk )

go to linux terminal to upload USB3 driver installation using command

scp ~/uPD72020x-firmware_2_powerpc_464fp.ipk root@

Now acess using LEDE
ssh root@
go to /tmp/tmp
install using
$opkg install uPD72020x-firmware_2_powerpc_464fp.ipk

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This worked like a charm. Thanks for all the efforts to keep the flag of Openwrt flying high.

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